Dangdanggula Restaurant

We are a modern cuisine restaurant, specialized in serving an authentic Indonesian cuisine with a tweek.

We serve up fresh and only selected the best local ingredients.
Our careful attention to each step of the process, gives you the best quality in flavors and create mouthwatering dishes that you can't find anywhere else.

Try our spectacular beef ribs Indonesian style, or just a different and surprising taste of traditional Indonesian cuisine such as lodeh, sate padang, and so much more.

We offer a distict and large selection of beverages, as well as Indonesian traditional beverages, that will company you perfectly in Bandung's chilly weather, such as wedang ronde, sekoteng, sweet ginger infused tea, and others.

Dining in, you would experience more than just a delicious food, but also a beautiful view of Bandung city, forest, waterfalls, and a river.

It's a perfect spot to meet up with friends and family, or join us on the weekend for a night out and date.
Our friendly and welcoming staff are here to ensure that you have a delicious meal in our cozy and comfortable place with a good price.

Let us show you why eating local is a way to go.
This is what we do.